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Many Ways to Partner


Managing Partner

Managing partners are organizations and individuals who take leading roles in the Initiative. Their support can be in-kind, through engagement with their networks and affiliates, or are otherwise involved actively in the community gatherings and initiative networks.


Every phase of the Initiative will require engagement with subject matter experts. They may be involved as resources for community gatherings, as presenters at meetings of the policy consortium, or as advisors to the managing partnership.

Community Partner

Community partners are organizations and individuals who work at the grassroots in addressing the challenges brought about by changes in how work is structured. They determine the agenda and processes for community gatherings and take the lead on efforts that follow.


Sponsorships may financially support:

  • The Partnership

  • Community gatherings

  • Our community partners

  • Research and policy development

  • A tool chest of resources for grassroots groups

Policy Consortium

The policy consortium is where boundary-pushing, evidence-based research and new policy thinking are exchanged and views are debated. We invite individuals and institutions covering a broad range of interests and ideas from across the globe.